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Primary Care


At Brandon Riverview medical Associates, our goal is to provide outstanding care for adults in a timely, courteous and professional manner. Husband and wife team of Dr Jagdeep Sandhu and Dr Ravneet Sandhu have excellent reputation community and extensive experience as Doctors of Internal Medicine who have been providing comprehensive acute and chronic medical care in the same environment since 1999.

Doctors of internal medicine, called internists focus on comprehensive adult medicine.. While the name internal medicine may lead one to believe that internists only treat internal problems, this is not the case. Drs. of internal medicine treat the whole person, not just the internal organs. They care for their patients' for life, from teen years through old age. While an internist is often confused with a general or family practitioner, there are distinct differences between the two. For instance, an internist devotes three years of education to studying adult medicine, specifically learning how to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases that affect adults. Internists don't deliver babies, don't treat children and don't do surgery. We do have, however wide-ranging knowledge of complex diseases that affect adults. Internist are specifically trained, not only to diagnose and treat disease but to prevent the initial onset of these diseases by recognizing and controlling risk factors such as elevated blood pressure and cholesterol. Internists are trained to diagnose and treat chronic illnesses and specifically situations where several different illnesses may strike at the same time.



High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Heart disease
Peptic ulcer disease
Intestinal disease
Thyroid disease
Musculoskeletal disease
Rheumatoid disorders
Autoimmune disorders
Kidney and bladder disorders
Vascular disorders
Rashes and dermatological conditions
Infectious diseases
Neurological problems



An internist can treat you for something as routine as the flu or fatigue or provide in-depth care for diseases such as diabetes, lung or heart disease which can substantially limit the number of subspecialists you have to see and help with better coordination of care.With having an Internists as Primary care Physician, patient's like knowing that they have a long-term relationship with a physician who is equipped to deal with whatever the patient brings, no matter how common or rare, or how simple or complex.

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