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Musculoskeletal Disease

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Aching knees, stiff muscles, and painful backs are all considered musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). They can make it hard to get moving in the morning or impossible to enjoy the activities you once loved. The physicians at Brandon Riverview Medical Associates, with offices in Brandon and Riverview, Florida, can discover the underlying cause of your MSD and work with you to develop a treatment strategy that relieves your pain and gets you moving again. Call the office today for an appointment or book your visit online.

Musculoskeletal Disease Q & A

What are musculoskeletal diseases?

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) include conditions that affect your musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons) and can include:

  • Tendinitis
  • Osteoarthritis or joint degeneration related to aging
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
  • Bone fractures  

What causes MSDs?

MSDs may be related to aging and wear and tear on tissues and structures related to your joints. Osteoarthritis, for instance, is a degenerative joint disease that’s often due to the natural effects of aging.

As you get older, the cartilage in your knees can become thin and worn. The cartilage is the somewhat slick tissue that acts as a cushion between the bones in your joint and helps the bones move smoothly without friction. When the cartilage wears away, the joint stiffens, and pain develops when your bones can’t move freely.

Given enough time, the cartilage can disappear entirely, and significant pain occurs as bone rubs against the bone with any movement of the knee.

Other causes of MSDs include:

  • Injury during work, sports, or leisure activities
  • Repetitive motions during work, sports, or hobbies
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Obesity
  • Sitting in one spot all day at your work desk

Many common MSDs are related to overuse that may occur with training for the sports activity they’re named after, such as golfer’s elbow, or with overuse during other activities that require similar movements, such as painting or lifting weights.

What is the treatment for MSDs?

The goal for MSD treatment is to relieve your pain and address the underlying condition causing your pain, which includes preventing further damage when possible. Otherwise, your treatment is based on your diagnosis and the severity of your symptoms.

For instance, if you have arthritis in your knees, your doctor may recommend changing from a high-impact exercise such as running to a more knee-friendly, low-impact activity like swimming.

You may also benefit from medications to reduce inflammation and pain. Guided physical therapy exercises can increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, and protect your joints. A round of occupational therapy can teach you proper lifting techniques.

Maintaining a healthy weight relieves stress and strain on your bones, muscles, and joints. A nutritional diet also helps ensure your musculoskeletal system is receiving the nourishment it needs to remain healthy.

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